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and it rises from the depths of hell, bent on rambling in foreign tongue not unlike that of an annoying teenage girl

Ah, so… it’s summer and I’ve decided to make another attempt at posting regularly again. All of my past attempts have failed, but… whatever.  At least I try, right?  Right.

My reason for deciding this just now was that I was overwhelmed with a lot of fandom news and the sudden desire to be active on various sites again.   And I decided to blog (journal seems a better term) about it to sort my thoughts out.  So:
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Ooh, looky, a little ficcy! Featuring who? You, Kisame, and Tobi!
Title: Bestest Friends Ever
Rating: G
Genre: comedy, crack, parody, PWP, possibly fluff
Warnings: Spoilers for chapter 403 and anything after.
Summary: Kisame and Tobi are BESTEST FRIENDS EVER. But where does that leave you?

“You ended up being the last to know. You were closest to me, so I’m sorry for deceiving you.”

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