Plot Bunnies

Oh ho ho! So you’ve found yourself at the LaviPlot Bunnies page! Don’t worry; although they appear extremely rabid, they’re actually quite cuddly and wonderfully Lavi-ish. And only mildly rabid. I promise.

Below are the current bunnies hoppin’ around the empty space where my brain should be, in alphabetical order under their respective series. There isn’t much at the moment, but give it a bit of time. I’m sure you’re well aware just how quickly bunnies reproduce.

Lavibunnies… mating. That’s an odd thought. Would that be considered incest? I mean, if Lavi were to try anything with himself, that’d be masturbation, but this is Lavibunnies we’re talking about. Essentially, they’re their own individual beings, but they’re basically all derived from the same person and the same concept of a yet-to-be-written story, so…. Um. Nevermind. Let’s just refer to them as Lavi and Vicky and Allen bunnies. That’s a whole lot better. For me, at least. 8D ‘Cause I’m a weirdo nerd like that.

♥♥♥ D.Gray-Man
**Current obsession (-LaviAllenLaviAllenLAVIALLEN-) Expect tons.

Title: Take A Left At The Red Jacket
Rating: ?
Summary: One moment, you’re stepping into your closet, looking for something to wear. The next, you’re somewhere else entirely. Who knew your closet was an interdimensional doorway? — Noah’s Ark has many, many doors. Who knows where they all lead to?
Pairing: Lavi/reader

Title: Fashion Faux Pas
Rating: ?
Summary: One-shot. It’s summer, it’s unbearably hot, and the heavy, hot Exorcist uniforms don’t make it any better. So, deciding you had had enough of the complaints about your design, decide to simultaneously design new uniforms for summer and teach the Exorcists to never complain about your fabulous designs again.
Pairing: Lavi/reader

Title: ?
Rating: ?
Summary: One-shot or Two-shot. “Calling all department heads. I’m only going to say this once, so listen carefully. You are to follow my directions and lead the entirety of your individual apartments… Take the number twenty-three ark gate and evacuate to the Asia branch Headquarters. As the status of the Exorcists in the fifth laboratory is currently unknown, our first priority will be to protect the Innocence and prevent its annihilation. To all individuals concerned, please disconnect the primary power source and activate the emergency power.” While the Level 4 Akuma wreaked havoc in the 5th laboratory, you were awakening after a long, tiring sleep.


Title: ?
Rating: PG
Summary: Bookman does not love. He does not hate, he does not feel happiness or sadness. He doesn’t feel anything. At least, he’s not supposed to. Too bad Bookman never forgets, or he’d forget that memory of so long ago, when he was still a foolish Bookman-to-be who still felt. When he was a young man in love. When he had you.
Pairing: slight Bookman/reader

Title: Three Men and Some Bunnies
Rating: ?
Summary: Lavi, Allen, and Kanda are shipped off to yet another town where some strange phenomenon is encompassing the entire area of said town, as usual. Kanda is PMSing, as usual. Allen is getting angry at some remark Kanda has made, as usual. Lavi is hopping around, munching on some carrots while trying to find a way to find the Innocence that’s turned everyone in the town into rabbits, as – huh? Two endings to feed into the cracky madness!
Pairing: bunny!Lavi/bunny!reader not!beastiality?!

♥♥♥ Death Note

Title: Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Rating: ?
Summary: With all the death in Death Note, it’s only logical that karma would come to bite the characters in the ass in the form of a zombie apocalypse. There’s no real rhyme or reason to it. There are zombies, and you need to survive. Can you? CYOA
Pairing: Reader/Matsuda/Light/Matt/L/Mello/Near/?

Title: 20 Notes
Rating: ?
Summary: Death Note, 20 Truths style! One-shot fics written in 20 separate, individual facts. Collection.
Pairing: Reader/various

Title: ?
Rating: ?
Summary: Generally, the life of a University student involves going to classes in the day, cramming at night, and hoping for a few hours of rest somewhere in between. This was a routine you were used to, and planned on continuing until you graduated. As is custom in stories like this, though, all it takes is something small – a nice invitation out to dinner from a cute, clumsy detective – to knock things off track.
Alternative Summary: A writer does best when s/he writes from experience. As a college student with a passion for writing and criminal psychology, this is an experience you can’t afford to miss.
Pairing: slight!Matsuda/reader/L, reader/L

Title: ?
Rating: ?
Summary: When your foundation breaks, you have to find something – anything – to latch on to before you lose it all. This is especially true for children who have lost their parents. ‘Perhaps this is why the kids at Wammy’s are so desperate to fulfill their newly prescribed role as L’s successors, and perhaps this is why they fall. Obsession is a terrible thing when nurtured from such a tender age. Fail!Introspective/Speculative fic about the mentality of kids at Wammy’s.
Pairing: Reader/Mello

♥♥♥ FullMetal Alchemist

Title: Zombies!
Rating: PG
Summary: All these fancy names being thrown around, like Homunculus and Akuma, is really irritating you. When will anybody recognize them for what they really are? ZOMBIES!
Pairing: Al/reader

♥♥♥ Kingdom Hearts

Title: Crack the Sky
Rating: PG-13
Summary: One-shot. For so long, all you knew was darkness – a sky of inky black, the grass at your feet dulled and gray and the world at an everlasting night. The feeling of nothingness blankets you. It’s smothering and you struggle and struggle, but the dark sky is pressing down upon you, forcing the air from your lungs and you just want to die and – then, a warm smile. Bright eyes. A soothing voice. The sky shatters.
Pairing: Sora/reader

♥♥♥ Naruto

Title: N/A
Rating: ?
Summary: AU Naruto’s time away from the village goes a little more differently than planned, and begins a series of new adventures. Now with 50% less canned ham and a new Jinchuuriki that – gasp! – isn’t the reader. lolwtfbbq?! And a researched plot based on real Japanese folklore? Insanity! Going to be ridiculously long and epic and WIN if I ever get around to writing it, rather than planning out every single detail. 8D
Pairing: Still deciding if I’m going to make this a plain ol’ genfic or not. Hmm.


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