Asian Film/Drama

Another list page, this time for – bet you can’t guess – asian film and drama. This does not include animated movies, duh. It’s not nearly as extensive as the anime/manga list, unfortunately.  Need… moar…

» indicates that I’ve finished it or am completely up to date with it.
› indicates I have not finished it or I’m not up to date with it.
° means I want to watch/read it, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.
♥ indicate, on a scale of 1 – 10, how much I enjoyed it.

Links open in a new window.

›1 Liter of Tears (TV)
15 Year Old’s Blues (movie)
»200 Pounds of Beauty (movie)
»A Nagai Sanpo (movie)

°A Petal (movie)
°Akihabara@Deep (movie)
°Anego (movie)
°Art of the Devil (movie)
°A Tale of Two Sisters (movie)
»Au Revoir UFO (movie)
°Bambino (TV)
°Bashing (movie)
°Beautiful Life (TV)
°Black Kiss (movie)
»Bleach the Musical: Saien (musical)
»Bloody Beach (movie)

°Cello (movie)
°Cherry Tomato (movie)
Cinderella (movie)
°Code Blue (TV)
°Conduct Zero (movie)
°Death Bell (movie)
°Densha Otoko (TV)
°Ditto (movie)
°Dragon Zakura (TV)
°Epitaph (movie)
°Eunjangdo (movie)

»First Kiss (TV)
»Gokusen (TV)
°Gomen (movie)
°Hana Kimi (TV)
°Hansel and Gretel (movie)
»Harmful Insect (movie)
°Helen the Baby Fox (movie)
°Hello God (movie)
»Herb (movie)
°Highway Star (movie)
»Hitsuji no Uta
Holy Daddy (movie)
°Houkago (movie)
°I’m A Cyborg But That’s Okay (movie)
Ichi Rittoru no Namida (TV)
°Iguana no Musume (TV)
°Ima ai ni Yukimasu (movie)
°In Between Days (movie)
°Inner Senses (movie)
°Itoshi Kimi e (TV)
°Jenny, Juno (movie)
°Kanojo to no Tadashii Asobikata (movie)
°Kansen (movie)
°Koizora (movie)
°Koizora (TV)
°Kurosagi (movie)
°Kurosagi (TV)
°Lemon no Koro (movie)
°Life is Cool (movie)
°Long Love Letter (TV)
»Lovely Complex (movie)
°Lovely Rivals (movie)
°Love Phobia (movie)
°Lunch Queen (TV)
°Majo no Jouken (movie)
°Marrying High School Girl (movie)
°Mars (movie)
°Mizu ni Sumu Hana (movie)
°Mom Never Dies (movie)
°My Boyfriend Is Type B (movie)
»My Heart (movie)
»Nobody Knows (movie)
Nobuta wo Produce (TV)
Noriko’s Dinner Table (movie)
»One Missed Call (movie)
°One Missed Call II (movie)
°Phone (movie)
»Project Make Over (movie)
°Proposal Daisakusen (TV)
°Radio Dayz (movie)
»Reincarnation (movie)
°Renai Shashin (movie)
°S Diary (movie)
°Saikano (movie)
°Shinigami no Ballad Live Action (movie)
°Shutter (movie)
°Stand Up (TV)
»Suicide Club (movie)
»Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru (movie)
°Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata (movie)
°Taiyou no Uta (movie)
»The Doll Master (movie)
°The Elephant on the Bike (movie)
°The Railroad (movie)
°The Tomie Collection (movie)
°The Way Home (movie)
»Uzumaki (movie)
°Watashitachi no Kyokasho (movie)
°Why Why Love (TV)


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