Current Fics

Here is an incomplete list of all of the fanfiction I currently have published throughout the net. That is, these are the fics which I’m not entirely ashamed to have written. They’re not the best, and they’re of a genre most people won’t associate with, but they’re mine and I love them. ♥ If you do a bit of searching on the links to the fics, I’m sure you’ll find a variety of other fics not listed, but… well, I’d rather not openly acknowledge them here. xD

The stories are listed according to the series, in alphabetical order. Enjoy~ (or at the very least, be amused at my pitiful attempts)

For a list of my rabid plot bunnies, see here.

***Various one-shots and drabbles can be found on my Lunaescence and FoSFF pages.***

♥♥♥ Full Metal Alchemist

Title: Channel: Amestris
Rating: PG-13
Summary: VirtuaX is a high-tech virtual reality gaming system. It is inside the very first user-created “channel”, named Amestris, that you are introduced to Edward and Alphonse through your online friend MechaGirl (Winry). What happens if a malfunction occurs and you become stuck in this virtual world?
Pairing: Edward/Reader
Status: Hiatus
Posted At: Lunaescence Archives, Freedom of Speech archives

Title: Maiden Voyage
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What if the Titanic had existed in the world of Full Metal Alchemist? What effects would this disaster-bound ship have on the characters we have come to know and love?
Pairing: Edward/reader
Status: Hiatus
Posted At: Lunaescence Archives, Freedom of Speech archives

Title: More Than Meets The Eye
Rating: PG-13
Summary: This is the diary of Winry Rockbell. Edward, if you’re reading this, GET OUT! You expected it to be an interesting read, nothing more. After all, how often does one get to read the diary of a person who lived nearly a century ago? And how were you to know just how drastically your life would change because of it?
Pairing: Edward/reader
Status: Hiatus
Posted At: Lunaescence Archives, Freedom of Speech archives

♥♥♥ Full Moon wo Sagashite

Title: Oblivion
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Locally, you are known as the talented vocalist/keyboardist of the duo Oblivion X, or Obex for short. You dream of someday making it big, and finally get your chance when you pass the preliminary for SEED’s New Artist competition. However, your hopes are shattered when a winner is chosen even before you get a chance to audition. Along with your best friend, secret love interest, and partner in Obex, Haru, how are you to deal with the struggles of making it to stardom, all while dealing with three guys that claim to be shinigami? And on top of that, how are you to deal with the fact that you’ve got a limited amount of time to live?
Pairing: Takuto/reader
Status: Hiatus
Posted At: Freedom of Speech archives

♥♥♥ Naruto

Title: Rewind
Series: Naruto
Summary: AU Naruto and Sasuke’s lives have ended. But it’s just the beginning of their afterlife.
Pairing: Naruto/reader
Status: Hiatus
Freedom of Speech archives


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