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Two hour delay this morning. And I didn’t go to school again today. I’m a retard.

Gonna go to the doctor’s tomorrow for a check up and to get something done about this… whatever it is. I sound like a man, I’m having nosebleeds like crazy, and my sinuses are clogged to hell and back, yet the inside of my nose feels as though it’s been covered in cement. Weird. AND I SOUND LIKE A MAN. Gah.

Need to finish posters for ETC. Whose meeting I missed today…

I’m rewriting an unfinished FullMetal Alchemist fic, too. I’ve got maybe… 7k words? I’m aiming to make it just a really long one shot instead of a multi-chaptered fic, though. By estimation, it should be around… 40-50k? Eheh. I’ll be able to make a better estimate when I get to planning it out more thoroughly. But it’ll be long, and um… hopefully good? Okay, maybe I should split it into two or three parts, but it’s still going to essentially be a one shot and written as such. Nya. Ed/reader as usual, but… maybe a little Ling/reader just because he’s awesome and doesn’t get enough love?

I swear to the Anime Gods that if FMA2 doesn’t pick up after episode 25 and take the manga route this time… I needs me some Ling, stat! It was a shame he wasn’t in the first anime, though I understand/know why, so he should definitely be in the second, in all his squinty, taller-than-Ed glory. Plus, I SO wanna hear him going all, “I’m staa~rving, fee~d me~ D:” And the manga is just generally so much more awesome. I loved the anime and all, but… THE. MANGA. You cannot deny it and its awesomeness. You know, Envy’s a little crazier, the Sloth is so much more cuddly, there’s more Hohenheim, and… Olivia Mira Armstrong. I’d definitely bend my straight for her. <3 Haha. Oh, oh, and more history between Roy and Riza! Huzzah! There are just so many things, way too many to mention. I guess all I can do is hope~

So: no school, posters, fic, FMA2/FMA manga… what else?

Oh, more fanfiction-y stuff:

I’m writing a Lavi one-shot. A long one. A cliche one. But hopefully still an enjoyable one to read? Not gonna spare any details on that one.

I’m plotting out a Death Note Zombie Apocalypse CYOA. Pretty much complete crack. And I’m making a lot of different paths and options and outcomes. I’m really gonna go all out on this. But the planning… gah. So much planning to be done! But in the end, it’ll be worth it, I think. So far, I’ve planned to include Matsuda, Light, L, Mello, Near, and Matt. Some of the guys are going to have longer routes, more than one ending, etc. But as of now, I can say one thing for certain: It’s really, really AU. And not just because of the zombies. I’m screwing around with ages and times and locations so much for this… I almost hate myself for it. Almost. It’ll take place in present day, but the ages will be shifted. Mello, Near, and Matt will be the same ages they’d normally be in 2008, but the other three will be a few years younger. I’m thinking Light will only be a year or two older than Mello. L would be 29 right now, technically, but in the story… perhaps only 25? Matsuda would be, accordingly, 26. And… ZOMBIES. Geez.

I want to write a multi-chaptered Matt fic and have a stab at characterizing him. :D

I have nothing interesting to end this with, so… BRAAAAAAIIIINS.



Ooh, looky, a little ficcy! Featuring who? You, Kisame, and Tobi!
Title: Bestest Friends Ever
Rating: G
Genre: comedy, crack, parody, PWP, possibly fluff
Warnings: Spoilers for chapter 403 and anything after.
Summary: Kisame and Tobi are BESTEST FRIENDS EVER. But where does that leave you?

“You ended up being the last to know. You were closest to me, so I’m sorry for deceiving you.”

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