and it rises from the depths of hell, bent on rambling in foreign tongue not unlike that of an annoying teenage girl

Ah, so… it’s summer and I’ve decided to make another attempt at posting regularly again. All of my past attempts have failed, but… whatever.  At least I try, right?  Right.

My reason for deciding this just now was that I was overwhelmed with a lot of fandom news and the sudden desire to be active on various sites again.   And I decided to blog (journal seems a better term) about it to sort my thoughts out.  So:

Naruto. There’s apparently some live action thing being produced by Universal Studios Japan.   I don’t know much about it, but that’s one hell of a piece of news to suddenly have flashed in your face without warning.  Regardless of how I feel about a live action production though, (my feelings are mixed, by the way) it’s just overwhelming to have it jump out in front of you like that.  (There’s that word again. Overwhelming.)  You know what I mean?

The trailer I saw for the live action depicted a few of the actors portraying the characters.  You can see it here.  Sakura’s okay, Kakashi’s okay, Chouji’s okay (awww, chubby cheeks~ I just want to squish them!), Shikamaru looks great… Naruto? Jiraiya? What in the world did they do to you? You’re-  it’s-  Oh my. Ooooh my.  Where’s my cute, baby-faced ADHD-riddled teen? My sexy old guy with a mole?

Oh well.  No use complaining, really.  It’s stupid to expect it to fit my own personal idea of what’s good and what’s not and it’s even more idiotic to have a fantard attack over the fact.  They’re making a live action.  I like some of the actors, I dislike others.  That’s how it is.  If I don’t like it, I don’t have to watch it.  (I just wish other members of fandom would realize this and just accept things as they are and how they come.   Whining like, “OMGGGG thay didnt make Nardo’s wihskers long enofgh and saske’s hair is supposd to stik out faive inches more in teh back OMGGGG THEY RUIND ITTTT,” or, “AH WHY THAY SKIP THAT PART IS MY FAVRET. WITOUT THAT PART ITS JUS NOT NARDO DAMMIT.”)

(…okay, not all people that whine are illiterate like that, but a good portion is and the rest deserve to be made fun of and lowered to such a level.  There.  And I make fun of myself like that, too, so it’s all good.)

…but STILL.  Naruto’s wig! Gah.  That right there is just a huge, huge wardrobe malfunction and nothing more.  ‘Nuff said.  Some people are also complaining about the quality of the costumes, too, but I don’t really see anything wrong with them. They look accurate and aren’t made of random shiny materials for everything, so is’sall good with me.

Also on the subject of Naruto is something coming up in the anime (which I haven’t watched since around episode 70? I need to do some catching up, ’cause Suigetsu is heeeere and I want to watch the scene where Hidan tells Kakuzu to eat a dick. :D) that is so supremely awesome that I can’t help but want to get back into the anime.  KAKASHI GAIDEN OMG.  On July 30th there’s going to be an hour long special to finally tell Kakashi’s tale.  And show Obito.  And Yondy.  FUCK YEAH, MAN.  FUCK YEAH.  Yondy’s like the sexy older neighbor guy I’d rape and Obito’s like the little neighbor kid I’d squish and then rape for good measure, too.  Yes.  Like that.

Ahem.  (If I want to have crushes on fictional characters I can.  Leave me alone.  Go away.  -hides-)

Oh, and chapter 450 of Naruto made me squee quite a bit and I actually got a tear in my eye.  After all the shit he got from the villagers, people making fun of his dream to be acknowledged, all of the hardships he faced for that one simple wish… he finally got it.  He finally frickin’ got it (all thanks to his Beat Down and Life Changing Speech of Doom, which was a technique I thought he had dropped in the first part, but…) and my gods it made me giddy.  It was almost as awesome as Naruto finally getting to meet Yondy and finding out that he is, in fact, his father.

Here’s a basic rundown of my thoughts as I read the chapter (not that anyone cares to know, but whatever):

Page 1.
Poor Naruto, so tired after that fight and his Life Changing Speech of Doom and – ah, he’s falling over.  Wait, no, Kakashi caught him.  How the hell did he get there so fast?  Wasn’t he dead a few minutes ago? Oh well, that expression on Naruto’s face in the third to last panel is cute, who cares?  And what does he see-

Page 2.



…HOLY FUCK WAIT.  Naruto’s gonna be ending soon after the loose ends with Madara, Danzo, and Sasuke are tied up now.  Naruto’s got his acknowledgement, he needs to defeat two more baddies and do one last Life Changing Speech of Doom and…


Page 3.
NARUTO DID GOOD.  YES.  Look at all those little kids, shovin’ him around…  and despite how dumbstruck he was he still snaps out of it to complain at the kids. :P (“Hey, hey, watch your han-  WHO JUST TOUCHED ME THERE? AND YOU, AREN’T YOU THE KID WHO USED TO THROW EGGS AT MY HEAD?”)

Page 4.
Hinata’s okay! Yay! Now Naruto just has to confront her about her confession (and loverape her back) so we can see where that goes.  It’s gonna be great, I just kno-

…Sakura.  Damn you.  FFFFFF-

Page 5.

Fuck you, Kishi.  And fuck you, too, Hinata.  You’re supposed to go up and bitchslap me some Sakura.  (“Whatchoo doin’ foo’? Get away from my man!” -finger snaps-)  I mean, I like Sakura and all – she’s come a long way, is one of the few respectable kunoichi of the series, and I can really relate to the whole low-self-confidence-so-she-hides-her-true-self thing she had going on – but I just don’t like her with Naruto.  I don’t like her with anyone, in fact, because anyone with pink hair should not reproduce.  Ever.  Unless it’s with Rock Lee.  Eheheh.  Sakura Lee?  Has a nice ring to it.  So does Hinata Uzumaki. D<

…sigh.  Hopefully Hinata still gets a nice ending and doesn’t have incest babies with Neji.  But if not, it’s not the end of the world, I guess.

But the souls of a milliion NaruHina fans will die slow, tragic deaths, mind included.  Tear.

Page 6.
Aw, Iruka~ More flashbacks~ Teary-eyes… D’aww.   Look’it Naruto, ‘ruka! Look how much he’s grown up! All his dreams are coming truuuue~ Aww.

Page 7 to end:
Okay.  Oh, it’s Zetsu.  Huh. Hm.  Alright.  Hm.  Okay.  Tobi, I liked you better when you were a good boy.  (I’m convinced there are really two Tobis – Madara!Tobi and Goodboy!Tobi.  There must be.  OR ELSE.)  Kisame… oh, hi Kisame!  I love you, fishy-man! Hahaha.  Other matters, eh? Off to buttrape Sasuke again, I see.  Ever since he bought that pirate costume that’s aaall he’s been getting from everybody.  His ass must hurt a lot these days.

Random Cloud team, ahoooy!  (“OMG BLACK PEOPLE!” …that was horrible of me.  Sorry.)  These kids are officially dubbed lessslutty!Little Kim, Sisco, and Lady GaGa.  Hahaha, she really does look kind of like Lady GaGa.  Weird.  OMG YOU DESTROYED KONOHA, LITTLE KIM.  OOOOH.

Gah, is Tsunade gonna be okay? akljdad She’d better recover! Or at least have a scene where she meets Jiraiya in the afterlife and makes cute little ghost babies with him! And in that case she’d better not have gone through menopause… eh.  Huh.  Well, makes sense to have a new Hokage in the meantime.  Just not you, Danzo.  Oh, that Fire Lord (Ozaaaaaiiii!) guy is funny looking.  Ha.  Ha!  Right on, Shikadaddy! Nominate Kakashi! (Or Naruto!) Woot! Woot! Woo-  DAMN YOU, DANZO.  NO HOKAGE FOR YOU.  NO HOKAGE FOR YOU.  NO HOKA-

Oh shit.

Aaaaand that’s pretty much it.  Yeah.   Also, I need to reiterate the Yondaime awesomeness of the past chapters.  I can’t put into words how awesome (awesome, awesome, awesome…) it is that he showed up… in Naruto’s MIND! (The Phaaaaantom of the Ninja Village is heeeeere~ inside~ your mind~)  Kyahaha.

But seriously.

Naruto’s had one hell of an emotional roller coaster these past chapters.  Meetin’ his daaaaddy, Konoha being destroyed, disassembling Akatsuki with a Life Changing Speech of Doom, coming home to the whole village cheering for him… he’s gonna need some Tylenol or something, especially after he finds out who the new Hokage is.  Eek.

But OMG Yondy-Naruto bonding time! Yay!  And- and- it was just so great how Naruto’s all, “…OMG,” and gets all teary-eyed before punching his dad in the gut and chewing him out.   I have no proof, but I so totally called that waaaay back in the day when I first started reading Naruto.  I was all, “If he ever gets some chance to meet Yondy, the guy is definitely getting a beat down.”  And he did.  And it was awesome.  And I need to stop using the word ‘and’ don’t I?  Yeah.  Yeah I do.

Isn’t it awesome (AWESOME) to imagine that Yondy and Kyuubi bicker like that all the time?  It totally is.  Hahaha.  Go Yondy, go!  (For future reference, from this point onwards I’m going to call him by his real name.  Spoilers if you don’t already know, obviously).





Yeah, I could gush forever about how awesome (AWESOME ) all the Minato goodness has been and how these past few things for Naruto are just greater than I can put into words, but I’ll stop now.


Nah.  Haha.  Okay, seriously, I’ll stop.

…for now.  Kyahaha.

Now, onto the next thing I wanted to talk about:

Avatar.  And the live action movie.  We have a cast and we have two pictures of Aang and Zuko.  Awesome? Well, it depends on your opinion.

I’m not too sure about Shyamalan directing it, but I won’t assume the worst and I’ve no reason to yet.  I mean, the kid they have cast as Aang is, in my opinion, a really good pick.  And he has such cute, chubby cheeks! I just wanna squish them~ D’aww.  There’s a bunch of hullabaloo about the kid not being asian but I really don’t see the big deal.  What’s more important to me is that the people they pick can do the characters justice, not whether they match the ethnicity I think the character should have.

Either way, Avatar’s being made in America for a white majority, so of course directors are going to pick a cast that appeals to that majority.  That’s life, kids.  Do you see the asian countries casting Caucasians in the roles of characters that are meant to be caucasian? Nope.  For example – the Death Note movies.  Watari is English, yet they had a Japanese man play him.  L is only a quarter Japanese and the rest is a mix of western heritages, yet they picked an actor who is undoubtedly fullblooded Japanese or close to it.

Why expect America to do any different?  Double standards are a tricky thing, folks.  (And I could go on and on about double standards and overly anti-American views, but I won’t.  Not now, at least.  ‘Cause that shit really pisses me off and I’m one of the least patriotic people you’ll ever meet. )

Anyway.  Yeah.  Who cares what ethnicity the actors and actresses are as long as they stay true to the characters and do them justice?  Hell, you could have an all black cast but I wouldn’t care as long as Aang is still Aang, Zuko’s still Zuko, and Sokka’s still Sokka.

Except maybe Katara.  And Mai. I wouldn’t mind if they completely butchered their characters and made them fat, old women who get run over by a rampant cabbage cart or something.  Can you just make sure they die in some embarrassing, painful way, Shyamalan?  That’s all I ask.  plzkthx

Anyway~ The person playing Zuko is Dev Patel.  You know, Slumdog Millionare guy?  Yeah.   He’s not what I personally imagined Zuko to look like, but if he can play the part, I’m alright with that.  He did a damn good job with Slumdog Millionaire so I think he can pull it off.   (And if they could take his ears and put them on Noah Ringer – Aang – that would be perfect.  Boy has some big ears, man.  Woah.)  And to those who would complain that Dev’s skin is too dark to play Zuko –  you play around with fire all your life and see if you don’t have one hell of a tan all the time.  If you think about it, it makes more sense that the Fire Nation people would be a bit darker skinned considering what their element is.   But like I said, it doesn’t really matter as long as Zuko is still his same brooding self and doesn’t talk in a strange mixture of hillbilly and ebonics.

And at least it isn’t Jesse McCartney playing Zuko, because he was the one who was originally cast to play the firebender, apparently, as noted on IMDB.

Finally, here’s a link to the IMDB page for Avatar, where you can view the cast and see the two pictures that were released:  TADA!

Speaking of Jesse makes me think of Kingdom Hearts.  (He played Roxas, if you didn’t know.)  And it reminds me that I still have to play Chain of Memories.  And it makes me think  of coded, Birth by Sleep, and all of the other delicious games in the series.  DO WANT!  Holy shit, do I want.  I really need to play the Final Mixes, too.

And I really need to get a DSi and PSP.  So many good games for those systems! There are also so many pieces of merchandise I want (Nendoroids, cosplay outfits, action figures, trading cards, posters, dvds, cds, books, etc.) but… so little money. ;A;  I need to get a job (*#KLDJJK I DIDN’T GET A CALL BACK FROM MCDONALDS? MCDONALDS?! WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN) somewhere and/or maybe try the whole buy/sell thing.  Hit up yardsales > resell at a BUY SELL TRADE store  for a profit > win.  But that would require some capital to begin with…  Hm.  Maybe I could make things and sell ’em?  I’m making this dream/wish holder thing right now (decorated wooden plaque with ribbons hanging from it to tie wishes to) as well as wish boxes.  I’m also going to make some cute little bracelets and hairbands.  Maybe I could sell those?  Chibi commissions on deviantArt are also an option, but I doubt I’m talented enough to produce something somebody would want to buy.

It also feels kind of wrong to want to make money off of something I purely enjoy the experience of.  Like, I love spending time with my mom and watching dramas, but it’s not something I’d ever want money for.  It just seems like I’d be corrupting an otherwise pure, innocent passion that I love for no reason other than the enjoyment I get from it.  Or something like that.

I could have worded the above a lot more clearly and the way I put it makes little sense, but I’m too lazy to fix it.  Moving on!

4~5 days left until I leave for State College, PA.  I’ll be spending two weeks there (well, 13 days) in one of the dorms.  The two weeks will be spent on a journalism crash course with workshops on the various aspects of journalism, such as mechanics of writing, broadcast journalism, photojournalism, and other things.  We’ll be taking various trips to see the career in action, participating in activities to develop and hone the skills for journalism, and topping it all off with the creation of our own individual newspapers, all written, edited, formatted, etc. by us.

I am so very excited for this.  I love to write and while journalism isn’t my preferred form, it’s still something that interests me that I would like to explore a bit more.  Plus, it’s just such an honor to have been accepted into the program with a full scholarship.  Applying required a copy of your highschool transcript (and mine is horrible because I’ve screwed up so much), recommendations from teachers, and an essay detailing what you value in life and how it relates to journalism in 350 words or less.

As you can imagine, the 350 word limit was incredibly hard for me to meet.

But somehow, out of the many people that applied (all over the country, I’m assuming, as applications were accepted from anyone in the US) to attend, I was one of the few chosen – even despite the fact that my application was sent in two whole weeks late!

Insert much squealing and hyperactive dancing here.

But I am a little worried.  This is my first time being away from home like this, especially without my family.  See, I come from a poor household (we fall around the poverty line for a four person family and we have to support six people and a number of animals) and we’ve never done anything away from home like this and I’ve never done a program away from home like this.   (Wow, that sentence was quite the repetitive run-on.  Anyway.)  I’ve never been camping except for an overnight field trip with Astronomy club this year, I’ve never been on any sort of vacation with or without family – nothing.  The most I’ve done is gone on day trips for school.

So, er… in short (please ignore the existence of that last horrible paragraph.  God, it’s so inarticulate…) I’ve never spent such a long time away from home before and the fact that I will be with absolutely no one I know makes it even more worrying.   I’m loving the idea of being kind-of on my own and in a dorm room, living as though I’m a college student, but it’s still something I’m nervous about.  What if I don’t make friends?  What if I get too stressed being on my own for the first time?  What if I completely screw up and look like an idiot at the program?

I’m most worried about the friends part.  Goodness knows I won’t be approaching anyone myself, which is sort of how it’s always been except for the rare exception.   Normally, my friends are people who either force themselves on me and declare me their friend or people that I was forced to be around for a long time and we just sort of grew together because of circumstance.  This is the case even for my best friend, Megan.  She’d been the new girl, and I’d the weird fat girl in stretch pants (which hasn’t changed, except for the stretch pants) sitting alone at lunch.  Another girl took her under her wing and decided that I’d be drawn into the group, too,  despite the fact that I’d never talked to the girl before in my life (even though we’d gone to school together since first grade).  I was forced into the little trio and after having them sit with me at lunch, follow me home to hang out, etc. so many times, we just grew together.  We were all best friends, but then the girl who brought us together fell away from us so it was just Megan and I.

This took years, and even though she’s my best friend, I’m still not fully comfortable being myself around her.  How can I expect myself to form any friendships in just two weeks? Gah.

(Surprisingly, though, I’ve garnered quite a number of friends despite this.  Maybe it’s because nearly every friend I’ve made came included with a group of 4 or 5 people attached.)

Uh, anyway – enough of me rambling about that.  Point is, I’m worried about making friends or at least dealing with the fact that I may be human furniture in the back of the class the entire program.   And after 17 years of that, it does get tiresome.  (If only I could be how I am online – open, friendly, a bit more sociable – in real life.)

What else is there for me to talk/type about?

Oh!  I’m going to attempt to make a video about B.  A live action sort of thing.  What I have in mind will be similar to a trailer sort of video, as if Another Note were being made into a movie.  The basic setup I’ve planned is:

1) Camera pans up to door with string coming out from underneath and rising up, as if someone is holding it.  Door opens and viewer can see the string goes across room.
2) Camera closely follows string, revealing bits and pieces of the room around – a bed, some stuffed animals, and other normal looking things, but then some blood splatter here and there.  Noises in the background can be heard, such as something heavy and dense being moved around and dragged, grunts, chuckles, etc.
3) Camera follows string until it reaches a strange figure, a collection of twigs and the like in the shape of a body, that is nailed to the wall.  Camera then follows the string as it goes off in another direction at an angle from the first line.  Viewer once again gets a look at the room as this happens, and blood splatter.  Then, a woman’s body falls to the ground, just below and to the left of the string.  As the camera continues to follow the string, someone’s legs come into view – jeans and tennis sneakers with the bottom of a white shirt – and kneels down at the body, does something, then stands up and drags the body back out of view.   The person is grumbling and chuckling while doing so.  “Kyahaha- no.  No, no, no.  Henhenhen- -grumble-”
4) Camera reaches another of the dolls on the wall and follows a third and final line to the door.  During this, flashes of scenes show of someone wiping down surfaces, wiping off blood, etc. until camera reaches door.
5) Door opens on its own again, as it did before.
6) Camera switches to a view outside the room looking in.  String that comes from under the door is pulled by a hand, which closes the door.  You can see a small portion of the person again, but no shoulder, neck, face, etc.
7) Camera does a close up on person’s upper face, who turns to look over shoulder at camera, red eyes flashing.
8) Camera cuts to another close up view, this time of the lower face, and a creepy smile uncurling onto person’s lips.

…I don’t know.  I think it sounds pretty good.  Now, if only works out to be as nice as it is in my imagination…

But whatever.  As long as it’s fun!

…and that’s all I can think of to talk about in this entry.

In summary:  Naruto live action gets a C based on previews, Avatar live action news gives me high hopes, people are idiots for being crazy about what the ethnicity of the actors are,  I want a DSi and PSP but need money, I’m worried about how things will be at the Journalism workshop in a few days, and I might make a trailer-esque BB video.

As I end this, I’m listening to the song Apres Moi by Regina Spektor, which was a song on a DGM fanmix I downloaded.  I’ve found a lot of good new songs on these fanmixes.  Yay for new music! ♥♥♥

That’s all for now, I guess.  I’ll ramble about whatever comes to mind again later.

Tata for now, my nonexistent readers! I love you all so very, very much in grossly sexual ways I won’t describe in detail.  Bye~

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