I’m going to begin updating this. Really.

I either get lazy, feel that I have nothing interesting to stay, or think that whatever I post is just going to be random ramblings that no one will care to read so what’s the point? Not that anyone’s really reading this either way, but….

Yeah. I’m going to start posting here, and at my WordPress. Really. I’m going to post… stuff. I need to do something a little more productive than reading manga, watching anime, or listening to music while I stare at the ceiling for hours on end. I need a life, really, but that’s a pretty big step up so I’m going to take small steps. Step 1: Do something more productive than reading manga, watching anime, or listening to music while I stare at the ceiling for hours on end… even if those things are good fun.

So I’ll chronicle my boring life here. Or something. And do some other somethings, too. Maybe join an RP, get active in some communities, make some graphics. Hopefully, it doesn’t end up consuming me like it usually does and I burn out all interest in it all too quickly, which I do all too often.

Quick run down if you have no clue what I’m talking about – A lot of times, when I get into something, I get way too into it. It consumes me. I do nothing but that single thing, focusing only on that, letting everything else just… rot. It’s like selective autism or Asperger or something. =/ Cases in point: Gaia, LiveJournal, web design, Anime/Manga, sleeping, drawing, roleplay, etc. It’s hard for me to find balance and control myself. Then, after a period of being completely and utterly obsessed, I have a burn out and I lose all interest in that particular thing entirely. I feel lethargic and drained and I just don’t want to do anything at all. I’ve been in a period like that for the past few weeks. Hopefully I can ease out of it without heading in the extreme opposite direction as usual. Hopefully.

And I’m pretty sure my explanation is really inarticulate and bad, but I don’t care. Um.

So, yeah. Some things to do:

  • Journaling.
  • Be active in a community or two @ Livejournal.
  • Join an RP @ Livejournal. (Note to self: Don’t attempt to create one. You always get far too absorbed and it never works out anyway.)
  • Make icons, layouts.
  • Fanfiction.
  • Minishop at Gaia that I still have to finish making graphics for…
  • Get out of the bedroom. Even staying downstairs for an extended period of time would be a nice step up.

I’ll do an entry tomorrow night sometime, maybe. Probably. No – I will make an entry. I bet my left ass cheek on it. And I promise it won’t be so… so this. -gestures to the above- Inarticulate and awkward and ditzy and lacking a solid train of thought.



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