University/College Reference List


I’m going to start off by saying that an Ivy League would make me so orgasmicaly happy that I’d die before even getting to go, but… Well, at one point I can honestly say it was very well possible for me to attend Harvard or Yale or whichever I wanted (financial issues aside), but that’s most likely an impossibility now. (That won’t stop me from trying and getting my hopes shot down, though.)

But aside from the obvious, I’ve found a few colleges- the nicknamed “Little Ivies” and “Public Ivies” – that I’m interested in. And not just for the apparent reasons you’ll find below. SO:

Hamilton College Why? It’s close to home. (The farther I travel, the more I’m the going to have to dish out to come home for visits; alternatively, the closer it is, the better the chance of my family visiting me.) It’s a highly ranked liberal arts school. The tuition fee isn’t ridiculous. The academic curriculum looks nice. Plus, take a look at this. Look at all of those awesome clubs! I mean, seriously. SERIOUSLY. I live for clubs and extracurricular activities. (Which is why it’s killing me that I’m not in many this year [2] and that I can’t be in more.) With just a quick glance, I already know I’d want to join the Anime Club, Book Club, Love ‘n Spoonful, Martial Arts Club, People Who Like To Do Fun Things (how awesome is THAT name?!), Photography Society, Rainbow Alliance, Viral Video and Stand-Up Club, Writer’s Bloc, Hamilton Capoeira Club, Hogwarts at Hamilton, The X-Viper Hour, HEAG, STAND, Byte Sized, Red Weather, The Continental, and possibly the Yaoi/Slash Appreciation Club (but most likely not).

With a line up like that, I’d apply just for the clubs.

Okay, okay, that’s not the only reason. Really. From what I’ve read, the education they offer seems really good, and they emphasize on writing and speech. Awesome? I dare say YES.
Swarthmore College Close to home, highly ranked liberal arts college, decent tuition fee, good curriculum and educational experience. Okay, now that I’ve gotten the obvious things out of the way – CLUBS. Again. See how focused I am on these? Yeah, I want to go to a university/college with a good reputation and academic standing, but it has to be a university/college with a good reputation and academic standing with awesome clubs. xD At Swarthmore, the ones I’d be interested in are: Anime and Manga Club, Photography Club, Sudaiko, the Daily Gazette, Pheonix, Ourstory, Scarlet Letters, Small Craft Warnings, WSRN 95.1 FM, Deshi, Native American Student Association, Children’s Hospital Project, Dare to Soar, Club Despertar, Saturdays of Service, Swarthmore Fire and Protective Association, Amnesty International, Animal Rights Coalition, Earthlust, Food for Thought, Swat Sudan, HodgePodge, Outsiders, Paces Cafe, Psy Phi, Qub Cafe, and Shogi Club. Plus, their mascot is a pheonix. A pheonix, people.

Haverford College Again, the usual. Let’s just move on to clubs.   B.E.S.T. Mentoring Club, Haverford Journal, Philosophy Club, Psychology Club, Amnesty International, Compassion: Haverford’s Voice for Animals, Without a __(noun)__ Magazine, Anime Club, Magic Club (?), Origami Club, Photography Club, Videogaming Club, Genocide Awareness Coalition, Craft Club, Mixed Media Art Group, Pottery Club, WHRC Radio Station, Fords Against Boredom, and the Harverford Review, and Movies and Shakers.

In order to graduate next year, I need to go to summer school this year, summer school after I graduate, work experience next year, get the full amount of credits this year and next year, and possibly double up on a course next year.  However, I’ll be able to graduate on time with the class I’m meant to graduate with.  Yay!  :D

I might write an entry about some recent drama I’ve seen and what’s been going on in my life, but I don’t know.  It depends on how lazy I decide to be tomorrow.


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