I am so incredibly retarded for letting this get to me, but…

There was a girl selling Lix in Fiesta for 2s. Somebody else was badgering her, telling everybody that she was ripping them off and to buy his Lix instead, which he was selling for 1s. I cut in and told him to back off and leave her alone. That she could sell it for whatever price she wanted to. So, a whole argument starts about what advertising is, and my use of the words “make” and “force” interchangeably, and… ugh. It was so stupid. HE was so stupid.

Advertising is a way of making something known, and usually trying to persuade others to buy, try, use, etc. a product or service, right? While I maintained that she had every right to sell the Lix at the price she wanted to and advertise such, he maintained that by advertising the product, she was trying to make others buy it. Which is right, partially, but not to the degree of which he was trying to say. He was inferring that, by advertising her product (“Selling Lix for 2s! Sellinx Lix for 2s, please buy!”), she was literally forcing someone to buy, (“YOU MUST BUY THIS OR ELSE.”)

That argument went on for awhile. It was infuriating. I know he was likely just trying to piss me off, trolling, but it still angered me to no end that he wouldn’t accept simple facts. Not my opinion, but actual fact concerning the definition and meaning of English words! How stupid can you be?

Having nothing else to do, he resorted to insulting me. I admit, I made one mistake. So angered with him, I didn’t pay much attention to what else he might be doing at the time. He was silent for awhile, so I assumed he had backed out. So, I said, “Well, it’s useless arguing with someone who resorts to ignoring others.” He had to be an ass about that. I admitted that I’d been stupid for assuming he wasn’t doing anything else besides arguing with me. He had to continue on with the subject, not dropping, declaring I was a self-centered idiot. Fair enough. I tried to let that one slide. But he continues on with the insults. “What’re you two talking about?” “Oh, just trying to make this idiot understand something.”

Resorting to insulting the actual person, ignoring them to speak with another right in front of them – Gods, it felt like I was arguing with your typical backstabbing high school girl.

So, I ask if we can just drop the subject of “make” and “force” (because by that time, he had started focusing on my useage of the two interchangeably instead of the real topic at hand) and continue on with the argument. “It’s tiring how you keep bringing things into the argument like that.”

But isn’t that what you’re doing right now? he says.

ADFALDJAKJFD My God, was the fuck?

So, even after that, he continued to argue that he didn’t want to continue the real argument unless he could make me understand that to make someone do something and to force them to do something were completely different. I even quoted the online MW dictionary to prove that the two are interchangeable. Still, he said I was stupid and wouldn’t continue on unless I understood the difference.

Fed up with that, I just told him, “Whatever, I just won’t use the word ‘force’ anymore.” Because his exact word was “make”, but I had used “force” too when speaking about what he said. I told him that fine, I agree with him: the two words aren’t the same, but I still personally use the two interchangeably, but if it bothers him that much I won’t.

You obviously don’t really understand if you’re going to keep doing it, he says.

Goddamnit, man, do you not understand basic english?

I’ve looked up the two words on every online dictionary/thesaurus I could. Because I’m stupid and NEED to prove that I am right, even to myself. Guess what? The two words are synonyms. I want to point it out to him, but he’ll probably find a way around the info, or completely disregard it. ladfljakaf

Anyway, all throughout the argument, I’m referring back to things he’s said, right? When I do, he denies everything. Says I’m putting words in his mouth, when I clearly remember him saying such, and you can even scroll up in the chat for proof! Still, he outright denies it. So irritating! What started this was how had used the word “force” instead of “make” when referencing something he said earlier. He had to work up a shit storm about that. I didn’t use the word “force”! Quit putting words in my mouth! Argh, what does it matter if the two words mean the same thing?!

And no matter how hard I tried, he wouldn’t go back to arguing the real point we were supposed to be talking about. Not when I don’t understand the difference between the words. ajaljadfsadfsjlkadfbgaklaejaADFSadfskjl

The sad part? I don’t even think he was really trolling me. I think he honestly believed that he was right, and I was the douche bag. And the very fact that me might believe the bullshit he’s saying spurred me on even further and – ugh, I’m so stupid. I shouldn’t have continued on with it, even if he would have said something like, “So you’re running away?” and claim that it was because “I knew he was right.” I had to make him see that I was right and he was wrong. I had to prove that he was the stupid one.

Damn it, I know I shouldn’t get worked up over something like that, especially since it’s probably just an annoying thirteen year old boy who has nothing better to do, but… afkjafffuckfuckfuck.

So, long story short:

I said that advertising means making people aware of something, and usually following through with trying to persuade them to use, buy, etc. the service/product.

He said that advertising was trying to force (sorry – “make”) someone into buying the service/product.

We argued because he is a douche who gets hung up on trivial things and won’t argue the main point, and I just had to prove I was right.

adlajfljadsklajfl I still don’t feel any better. I thought that typing it out would help, but… fuckindamnitbitch. I really shouldn’t get so irritated over stupid shit online. D:


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