Let’s have a quick rundown of what’s happened since my last entry. Well, I’ll list the major things and anything else I remember, but I’m not promising anything interesting. (Not that anything else I’ve written here is much more interesting, but…)

  1. My grandfather went to Pittsburgh on the 2nd for his heart surgery. They just went in and looked at some things to determine how soon he would need a new stint. Two of his arteries are nearly 50% shut, so… it won’t be long.
  2. Santa went into surgery yesterday, too. I haven’t heard much, yet, but a week or so ago, I’d heard that the surgery might result in him needing a shit bag attached to him at all times.
  3. My mom hurt her ankle when we were playing racquetball in the street a little over a week ago. She’d tripped backwards and twisted her right ankle. The same one she had tore ligaments in when she was in the military. It’s mostly better now, but is bruised and still hurts like a bitch sometimes.
  4. Couldn’t go to summer school to get some extra credits in. If I want to skip from 10th to 12th to graduate with my friends, I’d better hope that I can take some extra classes for credit after school and on the weekends, or else I’m screwed.
  5. I’ll be getting Megan’s birthday present to her (a spa package with just us two) next month. I spent this months’ money on various other things.
  6. There’s a 50% chance I’m going to Otakon. It all depends on whether or not I can get a job and get the money. If my mom has a job by then, whether or not she can get off will also be a factor.
  7. I’ll be cosplaying as a female Chouji, movie!Roze Thomas, and either younger Roze or Ururu. My mom might go as either movie!Roze Thomas or Nana. Julian will probably be going as Sasuke and Roze’s son.
  8. The Naruto manga is shifting focus away from Sasuke a bit. OH WOW YAY FINALLY WTF LOL.
  10. Fiesta rocks.
  11. Gar. Back on MySpace. Kinda. I’m making a new overlay for it right now, and all I’ve got to do is work on the coding. For some reason, backgrounds aren’t displaying correctly. Other than that, I just need to add the contact links (message, add, etc.) and the about me content, and it’s good to go. It’s purple-brown and creme with some hints of purple-gray and red and blue. The layout features the main character from Haibane Renmei, whose name I do not know but wish I did. I should get around to watching that sooner or later.
  12. My appetite has been cut in half lately. Seriously, I’m nearly never hungry. It’s just been water water water soda water water soda water. So much of it that there’s no room for any commas in between. It’s crazy.
  13. Ryan is a major asshole. He’s cool, I guess, but he’d seriously better stop being such a douche towards Megan or Imma go ninja on his ass. Or not. Either way, he’s being an asshole and I hope they break up. Seriously. I mean, of course it’ll hurt Megan a lot – he’s her first love ‘n all – but she’d be so much better off without him making her cry so much and going all crazy and stupid. He doesn’t deserve her. At all.
  14. Otakon. Fo shizz. Please? Please? Plz? plzplzplz?!!?!

Other than that, there’s nothing much to talk about. There’s probably a lot more I could have put here, but I’ve probably forgotten it. I don’t have anything else I’d like to say, either, so this is it, I guess. I feel sort of bad leaving off here and letting this so short, though. Yeah, no one reads this but me, but I was doing such a good job with having entries around 1k words or more. This one only has 655 at this point. Now it’s 567.

If I keep up with doing that, I might be able to make it, though. But what’s the point in having that many words if there’s no actual content to it? It’ll just be me counting. Which has to be horribly boring for all of the nonexistent readers reading this.


Oh! I know! I’ll talk about the food I ate today.

Let’s see.

I woke up at 5pm. Since then, I’ve had a can of pepsi, a glass of milk and a glass of water. I’ve eaten some french bread with pizza sauce and cheese on it. I’ve also eaten half a medium stromboli and some cheese bread from OIP. It’s the most I’ve eaten in ages. Now that I think about it, it kinda makes me sad that I’ve binged today despite not being hungry. I just had some extra cash and it was burning a hole in my pocket, so instead of getting anything useful (like new headphones) I bought food. Ugh. See? This eating when I don’t need to habit always catches up with me. I could be an anorexic-looking girl but still eat eat eat eat omnomnom all day long. And I’m not even doing anything to burn it off! Geez. Some dieter I am. Not that I’m dieting, it’s just, like I said, I’ve been eating less lately because my appetite is pretty nonexistent lately because of the heat. But whatever. I know what I meant, why did I bother explaining? Oh, that’s right. My nonexistent readers. Hahahaha-twitch.

Has anyone noticed that I suddenly started sounding awfully hyper in the middle of the above paragraph-thing? Like, it just starts going by real fast and I’m skipping from one thing to another and not providing a lot of details and just being generally fighty. (That sentence sounded better in my head.) Weird. I should go back up and fix it so I don’t sound like I’m on drugs or something, but I’m not going to. Just like I’m not going to fix this paragraph because of the same thing. Lalalalala.

Oh! Oh oh oh! I remembered something I can talk about. I watched Meet the Spartans last night. It was okay, I guess. No worse than the others (Epic Movie, Date Movie) in its series-thing. There were a few funny parts that I laughed at, but it was mostly lame and weird and seemed as if it was trying to be the Scary Movie series but totally failing at it.

Oh, look. Over a thousand words. My work here is done.

(The next entry will actually provide some, you know, content that isn’t totally retarded. Maybe.)

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