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Ichi-chi-chi-chi! Ah cha cha cha cha.

Cccccccchhhhhhhh…. Yeah. Uh, ichi=1 and this is my first entry, in case you’re a little slow and haven’t noticed. The rest is uh… just there. Yeah.

Anyway~ Yay! First entry! I don’t really have anything in specific that I wanted to say, but I’m a bit bored (I’ve just finished watching the Bleach musical, Saien) and thought to myself, “Hey! Might as well post an entry or something on my wordpress blog.” So, here it is. Possibly a major waste of time to anyone who might gander at this (’cause I just know that there’s a whole fanbase of people out there who somehow stumbled upon this and have been ravenous for a first post). I’ll come up with something as I go along, though.

Anyway! I went to the dentist today. Bleh. The anesthetic never fully numbs my mouth, so it always hurts like a son of a bitch when I get cavities filled. And I have a lot of cavities. You know how there’s always that one kid who has to learn the lesson the hard way after drinking tons of soda and never picking up healthy brushing habits? Yeah, that’s me. Disgusting as it is, I rarely brush. Just can’t get into the habit of it, really – it was never enforced when I was a child, so now that I’m older it’s hard to do so. I mean, I’ll start and it’ll last about a week, before I slowly start forgetting to do it everyday so that, eventually, I get back to not brushing at all. D: I suxors and commitment.

So, yeah. Got a cavity filled, and it hurt. And the dentist used the ugly silver-gray-white-barf colored filling, so it looks horrible. At least I don’t smile widely enough for it to be seen…

Other than that, nothing much happened. Was supposed to meet with Emily today (Emily = homeschooling teacher) but I rescheduled. As usual. I’m in the habit of planning to meet with her on Tuesdays, but deciding last minute to reschedule for Thursday. I feel bad about it, and I try to catch her on the phone before she gets to the library, but she doesn’t always answer her cell, so. She’s real nice about it and doesn’t complain – she seems to understand, or at least is really patient with, the fact that it’s an incredibly bad habit of mine to chicken out of things involving leaving the house. Yeah. So, um, I meet with her Thursday instead. I’ll be meeting with Mrs. Morden tomorrow. Mrs. Morden’s my gifted support teacher, and basically I just do extra, more challenging work with her on the side ’cause I’m awesome and smart like that. It’s pretty much the equivalent of Honors or AP classes in a brick and mortar school.

Trivia time!

  1. I’m working on my very first custom profile for Gaia. <3 I love graphic and web design so much, but I’m so lazy. P:
  2. I’m working on a real piece of art! Yay! Um, it’s an original character. Haven’t named her, but she’s like… a cyborg-ish pirate person from a future world. 8D Not going to say much else, but I think she’s pretty cool. The pic is about… 15% done? I’ve still got to do the lineart for some things, clean up her lineart, color, add a background…. @_@ Hopefully it’ll be worth all the work!
  3. Cut my hair~ I’ve got bangs again. They grew out to my chin, so now there just above my eyebrows. I messed up a little and they’re about half an inch to an inch shorter than I wanted, but… whatever. They’ll grow out. The only thing I don’t like is that I cut a little too far around my face, so that my huge-ass, wide cheekbones show. God, I hate them. I should be proud of the Native American blood running through me and all, but MAN do I hate it. They extend an inch outside the corner of my eye, and since I have small eyes, it makes them look too close together. (They’re not, really – one eye’s width apart, like they’re supposed to be) but with my cheeks… blah.) Imma get them shaved down as soon as I can. Okay, okay… moving on. Enough of that.
  4. New glasses! These ones are a bit thinner, height-wise, but their width is larger. If I were to slap some big ol’ black frames on them, they’d be the perfect emo glasses. At least they’re wide enough where they don’t have to spread outwards to fit around my huge cheekbones… gah!
  5. I’m in my bra and pajama pants right now! 8D

YouTube time!

Check out the following vids. I’ll probably be demanding such every entry from now on, so get used to it. D<

Ringo Biyori: This is just an video with nothing but a single image, but what I’m talking about is the song. It’s weird, it’s quirky, and it’s made of awesome. <3 It’s the ending to a new-ish anime called Spice and Wolf, which I’ve honestly never watched, but… the song is just way too addicting! I’ve been listening to it ever since I heard of it in this fic. (It’s a reader-insert Kanda fic, so… don’t like, don’t click the link.) Listen to the song, and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it, too. <3 If not… well, go jump off a bridge, seriously. 8D
Frozen Grand Central: The greatest damn thing I’ve ever seen. Well, not the greatest, but it’s pretty damn cool. It’s a video from ImprovEverywhere, whose mission is to “cause a scene” in New York. And let me tell ya, they do so in the coolest, most awesome ways possible. This is my favorite. <3 Tons of people around the world have created their own ImprovEverywhere groups in their local areas, so give it a search and find a group near you if you’re interested.

So, watch those videos and be in awe of their awesomeness, and see ya (er… type words out and you read them?) next time (when I hopefully have something interesting to say)~

(Eh, my teacher, Emily just called… she didn’t seem quite as “Ah, it’s okay” about me skipping the meeting today. I can understand why she sounded a teensy bit annoyed, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling like I was scolded or something. ._. Gah. Sorry, Emily! My gram tried to call you, but you didn’t answer… Well, at least my gram said she tried to call. Um. Yeah. Okay. It’s realy over now.)